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The UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) is a unique Professional Knowledge Assessing and Verification institution of Great Britain. Its determination is to generate the responsiveness of the significance of Professional Knowledge Qualifications Standards for matured licensed working individuals worldwide.UK-CCL focuses on Non Academic Professional Knowledge awards with their own Professional Quality Management Standards to the level of ISO 9001:2008.

UK-CCL embarks on a number of sterling concepts in delivering the best methodologies for the ambitious Matured Working Individuals and Business Organisations. This dedicated Professional Services are adhered as the global assessing and verification” for affiliatedProfessional Knowledge Awarding Institutions. Elevating Non Academical Individuals to qualifying skills by formal assessing and verification is a sensible approach for lifelong learning by way of conducting and offering continuing professional development and workshop-seminars by qualified professionals.This high quality services chartered as an Independent Corporate Private Non Profit International Facilitator of Professional Knowledge Assessing and Verifications registered in Europe (United Kingdom).UK-CCL concept has become the “House Hold Name” for today’s international demand for references for individual candidates, companies and awarding institutions.

The UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) believes that global environmental policy setting and implementation of Professional Knowledge Standards can only be effective if full account is taken of regional priorities. For this reason, we have set up regional or sub-regional centres with qualified representatives to resolve specific environmental and economic problems.Professional Knowledge accreditation is an institutional review system. Many countries have their own means and ways of higher education quality control and their regulation procedures are usually implemented by government agencies. However such endeavours are slow and bureaucratic. Accreditation rapidly assures and promotes a sound education in the private sector, which responds to the warranty needs that the market demands. UK- CCL accreditation standards and procedures are flexible enough to take into account the peculiarities of private higher education of each country.Principles that support the success of UK-CCL PQMS 5001:2005 is to offer categorise of recognition to the levels of Professional Knowledge education and training services, the UK- CCL categorises the quality mark into two different levels, namely Affiliate and Licentiate. The categorisation is based on facilities made available by the respective Institutions.

Categories of UK-CCL Quality Status for Academic Institutions

In order to categorise and provide recognition to the levels of education and training services, the UK- UK CCL categorises the quality mark into two different levels, namely Affiliate and Licentiate. The categorisation is based on facilities made available by the respective Institutions.The level of membership is confirmed based on the following criteria:

  • 1) Number of years in providing Professional services

  • 2) Number of past and present students,

  • 3) Facilities and Resources Level,

  • 6) Health & Safety compliance

  • 6) Administrative and Operation structure

  • 6) Professional and Vocational operations manual concepts

  • 7) Confirmation obtained from other Universities and Professional Bodies

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UK-CCL Services

UK-CCL demonstrates a high commitment to educational values by adoptingcorporate, strategic or marketing objectives. UK-CCL is committed to thecontinuous professional development and adopts widely accepted norms of good business and employment practice.In an age when specialisation andalso flexibility are essential, there is a need for an education to be broad andcomprehensive, as life itself and to be a lifelong learning process.To improve professional knowledge education, maintain high quality policies and practices,to enable it to maintain appropriate methods of learning to enhance individuals’ achievement.To maintain a Norm of “Best Practices” and quality assurance in their dedicated professional services for the awarding institutions internationally.Secondly by permitting the validated members to enter into a dialogue with each other to learn between them. UK-CCL believes that international cooperation can help higher learning institutions from different nations to learn from each other, without any dwindling of their social autonomy.UK-CCL will negotiate between institutions of higher learning and offer solutions to resolve their dilemmas when deemed necessary.UK-CCL assurance of Professional Knowledge Awards has its reliability and administrative responsibility.UK-CCL Quality Seal is an assurance to people, to employers and other establishments that any offer made meets professional quality standards.

UK-CCL believes in improvement through the self-learning process, providing institutions with considerate analytical assistance to act on their own solutions and strategies for improvement. This will maintain effective checks and control to cultivate public confidence and improvement. UK-CCL demonstrates a high commitment and value for consistent learning by adopting corporate, strategic or marketing objectives. UK-CCL is committed to the continuous professional knowledge development and adopts widely accepted norms of good business and employment practice.The character & enhancement that UK-CCL engages in, for the improvement of non-academic quality learning techniques and professionalism will boost the reputation of the validated institutions and business organisations.These days many nations are more liberal in adapting their methodology for accreditation systems as one of the major factors behind this global trend of professional knowledge qualifications. Accreditation reflects the comparative advantages of numerous core values of independence, self-governance, and the assurance of professional quality. This reflects on the emergence of today’s life learning as a diverse, competitive, decentralised system with private and public sectors. Our services are for every individual as we have vast range of methodology in facilitating our Professional Knowledge Services.