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VisionaryAssessors & Verifiers for Non Academic Professional Knowledge Qualifications and Memberships
by way of implementations of their Professional Quality Management Standards
UK-CCL PQMS 5001:2005, which is to the quality level of ISO 9001:2008!

Work Oriented Professional Ability Certification

UK-CCL is a Non-Profit Quasi Charity Assessing & Verification Institution, which is registered as limited by guarantee in Great Britain to facilitate their own Professional Quality Management Standard and carryout Certification for Non-Academic Hands on Work Learning to enhance every person’s Career Prospectus to the Next Professional Level of Achievement!

Being the visionary, others Follow in their Footsteps!

This UK-CCL Fundamental Ability Appreciation Certification is a pathway laid out for individuals who seeks a commendation of their working life knowledge and hands on experience gained over the years, turning it into a Noteworthy Certification.When we look back, many individuals who have gained worthwhile expertise knowledge through their work experiences, have gone by without any individual recognition for their tireless contribution in their working life and have never benefited before their retirement. To this effect, the UK-CCL founder came about with this scheme of the Fundamental Ability Appreciation Certification, which does not require a formal education route to award this amazing recognition.

In the year of 2008, the Founder Trustee who is a committed as an Innovator and motivator of business productivity and development, came about to offer this recognition to every individual who can demonstrate their eligibility to gain this remarkable Fundamental Ability confirmation from UK-CCL. This appreciation certification assists the individual to enhance their image and improves the pathway for career and business development. Without share of a doubt, UK-CCL, is one of the pioneer institutions committed to Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS) in recognizing and appreciating the individuals working skill with the priority to elevate them to a professional status since their conception in the year of 1996. With prideUK-CCL can say that being active for 19 years, the Founder has carried out many researches and market surveys in this regard before implementing this certification concept which was one of his doctoral research thesis.

The founder also made it very clear in mid-2008, to his Board of Commissioners, the importanceof UK-CCL is to focus and promote this unique endorsement theory and vision as a worthy certification to the international marketplace. The applicants must demonstrate their credit worthiness of achieving this award and confirm their eligibility to gain this remarkable certification from UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL), who arethe assessors and verifiers for non-academic traditional qualifications.

UK-CCL Ability Skill Certification confirm the Hands-onKnowledge of a Person!


UK-CCLAbility Appreciation Certification(AAC) provides Benchmarkfor every employee of their hands on working knowledge. This action of UK-CCL is an endorsement for professional quality recognition, a motivation and an inspiration ladder for better productivity. The overall objective of UK-CCL is to ensure that; the candidate who has the endorsement is at the forefront of success. Over time,a Certified Pool of Professionals of UK-CCL felt that, this type of certification will generate better creditworthy individuals and businessmen who can be known as professionals, yet who have not been recognised by an educational institutionvia the confirmation of apaper certification.

UK-CCL without a shadow of a doubt feel that this certification of theirs will give every candidate and business an even playing field with traditional academics, who have little or no hands on experience to prove of their practical knowledge capability.The Elementary Skill Certification scheme is a result of the demand by many employers, who are seeking creditworthiness for their dedicated employees. Employees are now given an independent and out-of-house certification by an international institution based in the UK.This certification will cement and ensure the standards required for any managerial staff of any establishment who requires the creditworthy appreciation. Every applicant must have a minimum of TwoYears’ work exposure to apply for this certification from UK-CCL.

This certification will also confirm the Professional Competence of an individual’s personal achievement. This reward will be a tremendous boost to increase one’s own image. UK-CCL Ability Appreciation Certification(AAC)is



UK CCL’s Fundamental Appreciation Ability Certification gives strength to any Individual taking the first step towards becoming an Acceptable & Worthy Qualified International Professional while ensuring the Professional Quality Management Standards.


The Main Aspiration of UK-CCL is to serve the International Business
World by Enhancing Every Hands on Working Person to Become a World Renowned Success!

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