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This International Business Entrepreneurship (IBE) Certification is to confirm the hands-on work experience into a recognised quality standards professional knowledge qualification which is a motivation and inspiration ladder for a better productivity for the respective employers. The overall objective of UK-CCL is to ensure that, the candidate who has the endorsement is at the forefront of technology and Abilities. Over a time, Certified Pool of Professionals of UK-CCL’s felt that, this type of endorsement will generate better credibility in individual who can be a professional, yet who have not been recognised by society and educational institutions with the paper certification.

This will give every candidate an even playing field with academics who have been agitated from the traditional educational path, yet who have little or no hands-onwork experience knowledge. International Business Entrepreneurship (IBE) Certification is a result of the demand by the employers. This highly valid recognition gives every employees to obtain an independent and out-of-house certification by an international institution based in UK. This certification will cement and ensure the standards required for any managerial staff of any establishment who requires the creditworthy appreciation.

This certification also will confirm the Professionals Competence of an individual’s personal achievement. This reward will be tremendous boost to increase one’s own image. UK-CCL certification gives the opportunity in improving the career prospects along with the recognition, promotion opportunities and other relevant benefits to all the individuals.


This is an avenue for all employers to motivate and to improve the productivity of their employees and to show the appreciation of the services contributed by their workers. This certification will bring together loyalty of employees and the feeling of belongingness and being recognised and appreciated by their superiors. Studies have shown that, the feeling of being appreciated increases the efficiency of people in an organisation. The psychology of being wanted and appreciated is a deep inner feeling within the human sensitivity. This awardcan be a special appreciation for their tireless contribution in their respective profession. It is made known by UK-CCL as the motivation factor in any organisation to achieve their goal of objective.

Recognition shall only be granted to those individuals who have achieved an acceptable professional standard of knowledge & hands on experience in their work place. UK-CCL’s Verifiers will ensure in determining as to whether the candidate is suitable for this esteem recognition. The human resource manager or the immediate line manager / supervisor in the hierarchy must approve the application. In addition any other matter of achievement considered relevant, will be taken into account. Description of Certification can be in any area of employment or services in an organisation. UK-CCL Verifiers will decide the area of achievement pertaining to the information provided to them. Each individual will be categorised as “Knowledgeable Professional Entrepreneur”. The decision of UK-CCL Verifiers cannot be challenged and their conclusion will be the final.


UK-CCL’s purpose is to encourage and to promote high sound Professional Quality Management Standards principles for business organisations and individuals in gaining Professional Qualifications. The concept of UK-CCL takes into account the important necessity for today’s international demand for references for individual candidates and companies, colleges and universities concerned about high quality professional standard services.

UK CCL will accredit and recognise all institutions that meet UK-CCL PQMS principles and who hold fast to it at all times. The governors of UK-CCL have observed the increasing demand for professional quality in private sector either in education for new learning methodologies or business practise. However, this rapid growth has often saturated the professional market with poor quality initiatives. In such circumstances, educational or business establishments seek the need for professional quality assessment and guarantee, such as that offered by UK-CCL.

Professional Quality Certification is an institutional review system, which has to be implemented compulsory. Many countries have their own means and ways for professional quality control and their regulatory procedures are usually implemented by government agencies. However such endeavours may be slow and bureaucratic. Certification rapidly assures and promotes a sound confirmation in the private sector in response to the needs that the market demands. UK-CCL Certification Standards and procedures are flexible enough to take into account the peculiarities of private sectors professional quality needs of each country.

UK-CCL Professional Quality Management Standards 2005 is a quality assurance for institutions or business organisations that are facilitating flexible training and learning frameworks within the office operating system. UK-CCL believes and promotes the concept of professional quality assurance globally. The UK-CCL PQMS 2005 is a visible achievement for committed institutions or organisations to confirm their professional quality standards of best practices to customers. This will give the opportunity to identify institutions or organisations that are committed to professional high standards of delivery of their services to customers and clients.


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Certification is a norm to review and to examine to confirm the stranded of quality of an institution or organisation or individual’s attainment. Certification is an assurance and a guarantee given that the assessment and verifications are uniform and of sound quality. Certification of Certification is very crucial and important for private or non-governmental institutions, organisation and even to individuals to give the endorsements and assurance of quality standard accepted by general public.

Certification also assures the organisation or institution meets the quality professional and vocational standards and criteria. In another word Certification is used commonly as adeclaration for professional qualifications or awards thatare widely accepted by employers, professional associations, and commercial institutions internationally. This procedure of recognition will bring benefits as a high quality qualification.To earn this special Certification of Certification, institutions or organisations must meet the criteria of the Executive Academic Board (EAB). The EAB evaluates the institution in terms of its mission, vision, quality and best practices, administration, financial stability, policies, &candidate services. Only the institutions fulfilling such criteria would be considered for Certification.


To encourage professionals worldwide with the available resources through structured quality assessment, examinations, tutorials and training channels to achieve their objectives in life via the Academic Learning Scheme (ALS). To recognise and validate prior learning and experiences of candidates by awarding them with appropriate professional qualifications under a scheme of Affirmation of Prior Experience and Learning (APEL) and Certification of Career Progress Development (ACPD).

UK-CCL is a Unique International Quasi Charity Institution, whose focus to implement and monitor Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS 5001:2005 to offer Professional Knowledge Qualification through Career Evolution!


In assisting to improve professional qualifications, maintain quality and practices, towards maintaining appropriate methods of learning to enhance individual achievements.

To facilitate "Best Practices" and quality assurance on an international basis thus enabling members to enter into a dialogue and to learn from each other.

UK-CCL believes that international cooperation can help higher learning institutions from different nations to learn from each other without any dwindling of their autonomy.

UK-CCL will negotiate between professional and vocational institutions / organisations and offer solutions to resolve any problems, when deemed necessary.

Assurance of professional quality, reliability, administrative responsibility and capability.

UK-CCL Professional Quality Seal confirms the assurance to any individual, employer and establishment of quality standards according to UK-CCL Professional Quality Management Standards Compliance.

The character & enhancement that UK-CCL engages in, for the improvement of professional quality learning techniques and professionalism will boost the reputation of individuals and institutions.

UK-CCL believes many nations are becoming more liberal and are adapting professional qualifications via Certification systems. This is fast becoming a global trend.

UK-CCL’s Certification reflects the comparative advantages of numerous core values of independence, self-governance, and the assurance of professional quality.

Working With UK-CCL Gives the Privilege to offer every working
person with a Creditworthy Professional Certification
what they deserve by Lifelong Learning!