Non-Academic Life Long Learning Certification of Accomplished Acknowledgment

Recognition - Proficiency - Ability



CAA is an Appreciation Certification to Motivate The Work Experienced Person to Give Conviction To Offer High Productivity Which Can Be Elevated To An Acceptable Professional Knowledge Achievement!





UK-CCL focus upon every matured working person to become a recognsied and intrnaionaly accepted by taking into account of their Lifelong Hands on Work Experince and converting by Credit Accumulated Transfer Scheme (CATS) to a Professional Knowledge Certification!


UK-CCL is an Innovator of Professional Knowledge Certifier,
but others can follow in their footsteps!

UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) is a unique institution of Great Britain, whose focus and mission is to bring out Professional Quality Management Standards to Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Qualifications and Business Enterprising. UK-CCL take delight in announcing to every matured working individual, along with small and medium sized business organisations that, the founder and his team of Intellectual Professionals, have developed the methodology to appreciate and recognise every hands on working individual and their business to become a renowned professional enterprise in their own area of working skill. This elevating scheme is to be known as the Certification of Accomplished Achievement (CAA). This endorsement comprises of three major immense sectors, which are to be known and accepted as certificates of Recognition, Proficiency & Ability (RPA). In order to gain this remarkable appreciation certificate, no examination need be attended, but references with supporting documentation, information of accomplishment along with two character references need to be provided along with attending an oral examination to confirm the eligibility. The display of this achievement to the public, will give a tremendous boost to the business and individual as the confirmation of Quality adherence.

The UK-CCL’S founder believes in the TRIO concepts and this is another vision in endorsing every work-experienced individual and business to a satisfactory recognised professional level. This certification will unquestionably motivate the productivity of the person, as he/she becomes a well-known and appreciated working professional to UK Professional Quality Management Standards. The Executive Board of Trustees and Commissioners sincerely encourage every working individual to consider this commendation earnestly. To gain this certification you have to be recommended and must complete the application form specially designed to give information about you. We hope that you are availing our service to your own free will and understand that, by giving us your full corporation in spreading our vision, it can elevate you or your colleague or your organisation into becoming one that meets certain criteria of high quality professional standard to ISO 9001:2008.

The main aspiration of UK-CCL is not only to help candidates to better themselves but also to serve the business world of the third millennium to a professional level. UK- CCL also reminds us of the TRIO concept, which can be looked at as Council of Consistent Learning, Commission for Community Learning and Congress for Commitment in Learning. UK-CCL is unique in many ways, but they give emphasis to the implementation of Professional Quality Management Standards of UK-CCL 5001:2005 in all aspects of their certifications as it focuses on the consistent learning philosophy. This certification is to be known as an innovator and validator of every hands on working person in gaining a very valuable endorsement of Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications which they truly deserve and to be recognized globally.

As legitimate and recognised assessors, examiners and verifiers for professional quality management standards, many Small, Medium sized and Multinational Companies have accepted UK-CCL’S mission globally. Some are changing from their own Employee of the Month or Year or Letters of Appreciation, to UK-CCL’S CAA, due to the fact of the independency appreciation, which is gained worthily by individuals. However, some have indicated that utilising this concept will provide the pathway to obtaining a Professional Membership with UK Professional Body, the Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA), Business Management Association (BMA), Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators for Professional Development (CEAPD) and many more. This award will not only benefit the employees but it will also help the employer to enhance the total quality of the organisation. Employees are indeed one of the main resources for the success of any organisation. UK-CCL recommends giving this award, in the presence of other employees in order to make the recipient feel even more appreciated. We are there to assist you of your choice.
Yours sincerelyExecutive Administrator

Objective of CAA

UK-CCL’S Certification of Accomplished Acknowledgment (CAA) provides a Benchmark for Workers or Business by turning their knowledge and hands on work experience into a recognised professional qualification quality standards and to provide motivation and inspiration for better productivity. The overall objective of UK-CCL is to ensure that, the candidate who has the endorsement is at the forefront of technology and Abilities. Over time, a Certified Pool of Professionals of UK-CCL felt that, this type of endorsement will generate better credibility in individuals and businesses who can be a professional, yet who have not been recognised by society and educational institutions with the paper certification.

This will give every candidate and business an even playing field with academics who have been come from the traditional educational path, yet who have little or no hands on experience. The CAA scheme is a result of the demand by many employers, who are seeking creditworthiness for them as well as to their dedicated employees. Employees are now given an independent and out-of-house certification by an international institution based in the UK. This certification will cement and ensure the standards required for any managerial staff of any establishment who requires the creditworthy appreciation.

This certification will also confirm the Professionals Competence of an individual’s personal achievement. This reward will be a tremendous boost to increase one’s own image. UK-CCL’S certification gives the opportunity to improve career prospects along with the recognition, promotion opportunities and other relevant benefits to all the individuals who hold the CAA certification.

UK-CCL offers the Certificate of Accomplished Acknowledgment (CAA) for every individual who seeks an endorsement of his or her working life knowledge and hands on experience gained over the years into a Noticeable Certification. When we look back, many individuals with their expertise and knowledge have gone by without any recognition for their tireless contribution in their working life and never benefited before their retirement. To this effect, UK-CCL’S founder came about with the scheme of CAA in the year 2008, as he is a committed Innovator and motivator of business productivity and development and is known as an architect rather a follower. This certification assists the individual to enhance their image and improves the pathway to career and business development. Without a shadow of a doubt, UK-CCL is one of the pioneer institutions committed to Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS) in recognising and appreciating the individual’s working Abilities with the priority to elevate them to a professional status since their conception in 1996. With pride we can say that, the UK-CCL Founder has carried out many researches and market surveys in this regard before implementing this certification concept as it is based on his doctoral research thesis.

The founder also made it very clear in mid-2008, to his Board of Commissioners, the importance of UK-CCL is to focus and promote this unique endorsement theory and vision of CAA as a worthy certification to the international marketplace. To this effect they have come about with the consolidation of Certificate of Recognition, Proficiency and Ability Endorsements as a one off scheme to appreciate the value of Work Based Lifelong Learning. They have named this scheme as “UK-CCL’S Certification of Accomplished Acknowledgment (CAA) Award”. The applicants must demonstrate their credit worthiness of achieving this award and confirm their eligibility to gain this remarkable certification from UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL), as they truly deserve this valuable recognition endorsement.


UK-CCL’S principle purpose is to encourage and promote high, sound Professional Knowledge Quality Management Standards for business organisations and individuals in gaining Professional Knowledge Qualifications. The concept of UK-CCL emphasises the important necessity for today’s international demand of references for individual candidates and organisations who are concerned about high quality professional standard services.

UK CCL will accredit and recognise all institutions that meet UK-CCL PQMS 5001:2005 principles and maintains the level always. The governors of UK-CCL wish to emphasise their implementation of observing the professional knowledge quality management standards in the private sector either in education for new learning methodologies or in business practice. However, this rapid growth has often saturated the professional market with poor quality initiatives. In such circumstances, educational or business establishments seek the need for professional knowledge quality assessment and guarantee, such as that offered by UK-CCL to grow further.

Professional Knowledge Quality Certification is an institutional review system, which has to be implemented compulsory. Many countries have their own means and ways for professional quality control and their regulatory procedures are usually implemented by government agencies. However, such endeavors may be slow and bureaucratic. Certification rapidly assures and promotes a sound confirmation in the private sector in response to the needs that the market demands. UK-CCL Professional Knowledge Certification Standards and procedures are flexible enough to take into account the peculiarities of the private sectors professional knowledge quality needs of each country. UK-CCL Professional Quality Management Standards 5001:2005 is a quality assurance for institutions or business organisations that are facilitating flexible training and learning frameworks within the office operating system.

UK-CCL believes and promotes the concept of professional knowledge quality assurance globally. The UK-CCL PQMS 5001:2005 is a visible achievement for committed institutions or organisations to confirm their professional quality standards of best practices to customers. This will give the opportunity to identify institutions or organisations that are committed to professional knowledge high quality management standards of delivery of their services to customers and clients.

Benchmarking matches and identifies the similarities and differences between the various learning plans and methods of delivery. Particular attention is given to the identification of the distinctive features of the subjects by setting these within the overall context of the learning programmes and awards of the Universities or Professional Bodies. It is recognised that each module is often set in a narrow context and UK-CCL PQMS will seek to broaden the context by relating learning modules in different disciplines where similar subjects are taught but under different cloaking terminology. The Affirmation of Prior Experience & Learning (APEL) and Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD) schemes are designed to Recognise skills, Reflect on learning from paid and voluntary work, Review whether learning matches against entry criteria or the requirements of modules within specific courses and Prepare a claim for entry or credit.


This is an avenue for all employers to motivate and improve the productivity of their employees and to show appreciation of the services contributed by their workers. This certification will bring together loyalty of employees and the feeling of belonging and being recognised and appreciated by their superiors. Studies have shown that, the feeling of being appreciated increases the efficiency of people in an organisation. The psychology of being wanted and appreciated is a deep inner feeling within the human sensitivity. This award can be a form of the employee of the year or month, or a special recognition for a project completed. Motivation is an important factor in any organisation to achieve their goals and objectives.

Recognition shall only be granted to those individuals who have achieved an acceptable professional quality management standard of knowledge & hands on experience in their respective field of profession in their work place. UK-CCL’S Verifiers will ensure that in determining as to whether a candidate is suitable for this recognition. The human resource manager or the immediate line manager / supervisor in the hierarchy must approve the application. In addition any other matter of achievement considered relevant, will be taken into account. Description of Certification can be in any area of employment or services in an organisation. UK-CCL Verifiers will determine the area of achievement pertaining to the information provided to them. Each individual will be categorised to three areas of appreciation such as Recognition, Proficiency & Ability. The decision of UK-CCL Verifiers cannot be challenged and their conclusion will be final. Every applicant has to earn this recognition by way of confirming their eligibility.


UK-CCL is known to be the leader with an innovative vison for Non-Academic Individuals, with outstanding opportunities to gain a credit worthy Professional Knowledge Qualification, which takes into account their Lifelong Learning and Hands on Work Experience. They can convert it into a recognisable and acclaimed well-meaning Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Qualifications!

The Main Aspiration of UK-CCL is to Serve the International Business World Enhancing Every Hands on Working Person to Become A Worldly Renowned Endorsed Highflier!


At present, more emphasis is placed on Work Experience rather than academic achievements. This is focal due to the difficulties for growth In the business economy. This has been foreknown by the Founder of UK-CCL. If you take any prospective employers, they give priority and importance to hands on experienced individuals who can ascertain their eligibility by way of competency certification and confirmation of Ability.

Due to these specific necessities people are hunting out for a pathway to achieve this goal from a Professional Knowledge Awarding Institution, who has the methodology in assessing and verifying their Proficiency and Ability. This can be either they may not hold any traditional paper endorsement nor hold a traditional academic degree but have practical exposure. This where UK-CCL comes in to support these individuals in such a predicament by supporting to confirm whatever they have achieved by their Hands on Life Long Learning. This charisma of Professional Knowledge Certification will not be sufficient by itself, but it will firmly help an individual place a foot on the career ladder. This is why UK-CCL’S unique vision is one not to be ignored. UK-CCL has a proven track record of giving individuals the opportunity to further themselves in their chosen career path by awarding Professional Knowledge Certifications based on the Hands on Experience and Theoretical Learning one has gained up until the point of application. As previously mentioned the UK-CCL Professional Knowledge Certification has given many opportunities for individuals to achieve their expected goal in their life or get promoted within their field and reach their full potential. Perhaps the most notable advantage with a UK-CCL Professional Knowledge Certification is the flexibility in which you can gain one. There are no daily lectures; no weekly assignments and most importantly, it will not take years to complete, but it is considered what knowledge you have gained through out your life.

In fact assessment and verification of an individual candidate can take a minimum of 3 to 6 months in most cases. The reason for this is because many of the candidates are already licensed working individuals. This is done with minimal disruption to the candidate’s current job and family life.

Our key assessment policies allow for the above-mentioned flexibility. The structure of assessment is as follows: -

  • 1. Submission of Detailed Synopsis of history and achievements.

  • 2. Certified Photocopies of Educational, Professional and Vocational Certifications.

  • 3. Certified Photocopies of Recommendation, Gratification and Appreciation letters.

  • 4. Three Personal Recommendations confirming eligibility for this valuable ECU Award.

  • 5. One-passport sized Colour photographs.

  • 6. Completed Application Form with Admission fee (non-refundable) as stipulated

  • 7. Availability for the Verbal Examination and attending Training under the scheme of ACPD.

What sets UK-CCL apart as different and unique from other institutions is that it has a direct link with the assessment and verification performed to the Professional Quality Management Standards of PQMS 5001:2005 which is to ISO 9001:2008. This is an added strength to the individual which can be used when either securing employment or gaining promotion in the workplace. The main aim and objective of UK-CCL is to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit from within each candidate and boost their professional status. In other words, the experience of life will put you in a better position than perhaps being taught about life. UK-CCL’S certification can be abridged and be identified as universally well-known intellectual knowledge certifications, which everyone needs for today’s economic growth.


The Road to Career Success is not straight, but there are many curves to achieve the Goal.
1) A curve called Failure;
2) A loop called Confusion;
3) Speed bumps called Friends;
4) Red lights called Enemies;
5) Caution lights called Family;
6) You will have flats called Jobs. But if you have the Determination; an engine called Perseverance;
Insurance called Confidence and YOU as the driver, you will make it to a place called Success.


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