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UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UKCCL), who are affiliated with several Knowledge Awarding Institutions, as the Independent Assessors and Verifiers who felt the need to bringing together all the Knowledge Awarding Institutions Awards Recipients on to a one platform under the conception of Alumni Union. This gave the UKCCL to incorporate a Business Organisation to perform the task of Alumni Union, that brought out the birth of Professional Knowledge Alliance (PKA). Furthermore, the Knowledge Award Recipients are International Working and Business Professionals. This will give PKA to be one of Global renowned Networking Alumni Union bringing varieties of Matured Working Professionals by way of communicating with each other by way of becoming member of Professional Knowledge Alliance (PKA). By doing so, it gives the connection and will make know to the Global Business Society of “UKCCL’s Lifelong Blended Distance Tutorial Work Knowledge” and this in return will give very high valuable accreditation and recognition for every award recipients, to make it known Internationally the worthiness of their Knowledge Qualifications.

The Alumni Union plays an important role in helping to shape the future of our Knowledge Qualifications by representing the views of its members and contributing to building an engaged and supportive alumni community appropriate to a World Class Knowledge Learning Professionals.Its influence and activities are pivotal in the development of both the global alumni community and the experience. This will give Global Assistance by members to organize Knowledge Convocations, Workshops, Seminars and any other Events which will enhance every person who hold the Lifelong Knowledge Learning Qualifications. PKA is in close collaboration with the Knowledge Awarding Institutions by way of knowledge sharing, supporting in their enhancement of career development and Business Enterprises.

The achievements outside of academia give the chance of celebrating outstanding achievements by many self-learned matured working persons to Globally Surrounding Community, as well as recognizing the extraordinary achievements who have overcome personal difficulties regarding their respective Career Development. UKCCL promotes in their Convocation Special Knowledge Certifications and Medal is awarded to recognise those who have conferred outstanding benefit upon Convocation by their service to PKA’s Knowledge Awarding Institutions.The Alumni Union is invited to make annual recommendations for the conferment of Honorary Knowledge Qualifications.Alumni Union is important stakeholders in the future development of their Knowledge Awarding Institutions and the views of the alumni community are valued and frequently sought by the executive. This importance is reflected in our TEAM Sprit Networking Union.

PKA’s Mission is to Bring Professionals
Into an Alliance to Execute Business Success!

It is hereby made known to all award recepiant of UKCCL’s Knowledge Awarding Institutions that they can utilise the PKA’s Platform to do their own Business Develpoment. If need any assitnace, please contact the Admin Office by sending your request to the Email Address of admin@mypka.UK Learn More

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